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35th Colouring

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Jun. 22nd, 2008 | 06:31 pm
music: The Desert Song (Blue Heaven) - Anthony Warlow

Just like Anthony Warlow, I'm Back in the Swing with my 35th colouring tutorial. Thought he looked rather pale in the original picture ((with that ruffle-liscious hair ... !)) so here's one to sprouce up the skin and - you guessed it - the blues.

I just had to, okay? With hair like that ... could you resist?!

NOTE: If you are a newbie to icon making and you don't understand what's written here, you can always ask me or refer to my 22nd Colouring Tutorial, which was written entirely for beginners ((hence why it explains all the basic steps)).

NOTE 2: If you use, please credit! Don't steal my icons and tuts and claim them as your own 'cause I will FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE.


NOTE 3: I don't know if this actually works on PS as when I opened the .psd in PS the image looked a lot different to when I opened it on PSP ... plus I can't find Fade Correction on PS. Asked a friend who has PS and she isn't aware of that function. Sorry PS users.

Crop and resize your picture to 100 x 100; honestly, this is what, the 35th time you've heard that from me? XD

Make a new layer, fill with #1410c0, set to Multiply 100%


Make a new layer, fill with #2d2c5c, set to Hard Light 100%

= ((Subtle, eh?))

Make a new layer, fill with #f1dcd5, set to Overlay 62%

= ((Ever get the feeling that you're not going anywhere when in fact you are?))

Duplicate base, bring to top, set to Screen 100%


Don't worry, he's not dead! But he does look a bit cold, so let's give him some heat.

Make a new layer, fill with #d4785c, set to Saturation 100%


Make a new layer, fill with #b38e83, set to Darken 40%


Duplicate base, bring to top, set to Lighten 100%



Adjust > Colour Balance > Fade Correction, 100.

et voilà!

Remember, as always, credit if you use and if you use, show me your results? Have fun!

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from: x_marie_cris_x
date: Jun. 24th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)

Ooh, well done! Thank you for showing your icon! ^)_^

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