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Angel of Music, I denied you ...

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Jan. 15th, 2008 | 09:40 pm
location: Beneath the opera house, floating on air
mood: melancholySing, my Angel of Music ...
music: My Prayer - Anthony Warlow

I've held off long enough; I have told my tale on Unexpected Song, on MySpace, and ... that's all. So now - all you Warlovians, all you phans, and all you musical theatre buffs - I will share my tale with you. I will share the news I was bursting to tell the world once it occurred yet kept to myself until I returned home.

I will share with you the words from my Angel of Music, Anthony Warlow.

Close Enc-Ant-ers.

Each link in that first post leads to member's encounters - obviously - with Anthony Warlow. If you click the one with my name ((Marie-Cris)) it will lead you to the post in that thread which houses the pictures; the post which also houses the links to my review / letters to Unexpected Song I wrote during my one-week's holiday in Melbourne ((7 - 11 / 1 / 08)), explaining what I went through, what I felt about each showing of Phantom of the Opera ((which made it my second and third showing of Phantom and, in fact, any musical to date)), and more importantly, what happened after the shows.

Since you're on the site, do take the time to look over the Phantom of the Opera Australian Cast Recording and / or Filmed Stage Performance (Starring Anthony Warlow) Petition. So far we have 365 signatures ((plus something else, if you take the time to read the review / letters)). We aim for more, of course; will you add your name to the list?

Follow the linked banner to the petition thread. Feel free to grab any of the banner codes and help advertise; we would really appreciate it.

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