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34th Colouring

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Jun. 21st, 2008 | 04:03 pm
music: Love Changes Everything - Anthony Warlow

With Unexpected Song's LSS Mini-Convention on the horizon, here's my 34th colouring tutorial once again featuring Anthony Warlow during a photo shoot for The Phantom of the Opera ((the original pic and more can be found at ... umm ... wireimage.com?)). There are other icon examples below, plus the image the colouring originated from ((meaning, what I made before I decided to make icons with this colouring)). Please note that this works well for pale people against dark backgrounds; it doesn't work with everything, but as always this is just a guide and the fun is in tweeking ((I do understand it's a bit ... pinky red. If you take a look back through my other tutorials they mostly focus on blues, so here's me trying something new ... ish ...)).

Oh, and apologies for making the banner look a bit ... tacky. Funny how restrictions hinder my work.

NOTE: If you are a newbie to icon making and you don't understand what's written here, you can always ask me or refer to my 22nd Colouring Tutorial, which was written entirely for beginners ((hence why it explains all the basic steps)).

NOTE 2: If you use, please credit! Don't steal my icons and tuts and claim them as your own 'cause I will FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE.


Crop and resize your picture to 100 x 100, duplicate to make a new image and set one image aside for later.

x 2

On one image, select these settings under Adjust > Colour Balance > Colour Balance:

Shadows:  -74, -74, -47
Midtones:  13, 48, 54

Highlights:  70, 19, -29

Preserve Luminance: No

= ((Gosh, and I thought I blushed when he kissed me! XD))

Adjust > Colour Balance > Fade Correction, 100:


Adjust > Colour Balance > Grey World, 7621:


With me so far? Good. Now, select all, copy merged, paste onto your spare base and set to Soft Light, 100%:


Then add whatever text ((I forgot my settings, but they're not uncommon fonts)) or textures you like!

et voilà!

That's it! How simple is that?! I hope you enjoy my 34th colouring; remember to credit if you use and I would like to see your results. Now, as promised, here are the icons I made with this tut, along with the original signature picture I made for my siggy at Unexpected Song:

The icons:


The picture that started it all:

((If you must know, I got the "ANT" bit from the Phantom of the Opera backdrop he was standing in front of during that interview; I merely enhanced the colour and positioned it a bit more evenly. And if you want to know what the tiny text says, it's "Anywhere you go let me go too, that's all I ask of you". Mind all of that text including the "Ant" was inserted at the very beginning ((it was just in white)), before the colouring, so it picked up a bit of the colouring at the end and I wrote over it again in

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